Who are we?

The history of the company named Tetrada started in 1993 when UkrBoksal (our former name) exchanged gas bills for 40 tons of ready-to-use notebooks produced by Poninkovskyi KPK JSC. Since these notebooks were sold in a matter of days, the general manager of the company decided to become part of this business. The company launched the production of color notebooks in Romania on a give and take raw materials basis. As the years passed, the company has advanced and, subsequently, purchased a notebooks production line called LNM-2 (linear-notebook machine- 2). Back at the time, production immediately gained consumer respect. The great demand confirmed that the enterprise should exist that gave rise to the production. Tetrada LLC was officially registered in August 1998. Our main area is the production and sale of paper products for school and related stationery for creative activities.

Today, Tetrada LLC is a state-of-art specialized enterprise with 100% of own capital. It is the biggest producer of notebooks that suit every pocket (includes 12 various ‘brands’, depending on the cover and the internal block). The company also produces such products as sets of color paper and cardboard, plasticine, gouaches and watercolors, drawing books with perforation and other stationery. Tetrada LLC has been providing its clients with high-quality products that become better from year to year for almost three decades.

Tetrada LLC is a trusted leader in the Ukrainian market of school notebooks and related stationery.